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Run a scala application via intellij idea create or import a scala project as you would normally create or import any other project in intellij idea. The final topic in this guide describes how to run it from intellij idea. I assume that you have already installed the ide, scala plugin, sbt and jdk. Discover intellij idea for scala help intellij idea. The ide will show the hello world project set up on the left panel with all the default options.

In this tutorial, we will go over how to use intellij ide to create your first scala application. In this scala tutorial, you will learn how to install scala ide on windows 10 and how to write your first scala hello world application by creating your first project in scala ide and then running it. So click on create and it will download the scala sdk. If youre just starting with scala, i recommend starting with the scala ide for eclipse. Little did i know i was in for another round of intellij integration hell. Scala s print statements look similar to java, but a bit more concise. Make sure to select scala and sbt if you already have the scala sdk installed. Open up intellij and select create new project on the left panel, select scala and on the right panel, select sbt click next name the project. This asserts that scala libraries are picked up by the ide. It defines a method named main inside a scala object named hello. Contribute to kitmenkespark hello world development by creating an account on github. I like both environments, and these days i use intellij idea more than eclipse, but intellij has some occasional quirks that might be frustrating. Begin using intellij for scala development youtube.

Give intellij a few minutes to download all of the project dependencies. Select the scalacommunity run configuration and select the run or debug button to build and start a development version of idea with the scala plugin. Play framework with scala getting started alternate stack. Scala ide the official ide for scala, based on eclipse intellij idea a famous java ide with good support for scala via a plugin if you already have sbt installed, you can use that instead of activator, but then youll need to download examples and tutorial projects manually. Discover intellij idea for scala install scala plugin. A video tutorial about how to begin using intellij for scala development. In the previous sections, we have downloaded and installed intellij idea for java development and also create the hello world project as part of the process to launch the ide. Then, after starting up intellij, you can download and install the scala plugin by.

For this tutorial, well download the community edition, which is free and comes with all you need to write scala programs. Scala basics objects objects can store variables and functions. Strange exception while trying to compile a simple hello world. In this video we will learn how to setup scala on intellij idea ide.

Now click on finish writing your first scala code in intellij. Throughout the tutorials in this chapter, we will use the popular intellij idea in order for you to get familiar with it and in turn help you be well prepared for real world scala coding why not jump straight onto learning some scala. If you do not see a right pane, right click on your scala worksheet in the project pane, and click on evaluate worksheet. After you click on finish, right click on your src inside scala hello world and click on new scala. Getting started with scala in intellij scala documentation. This causes sbt to use jdk even when java available on path is jdk 8 or 11. Download and install intellij on a mac configure intellij plugins. This post is about getting you up running a basic hello world application with scala using intellij idea download intellij idea.

Setting up scala for intellij is very easy alonso del arte medium. Now we are going to create spark scala project in intellij idea ide. Click finish and give some time to intellij idea to download necessary files and to set up the project. In this tutorial, well see how to build a minimal scala project using intellij ide with the scala plugin.

Testing scala with sbt and scalatest on the command line. Your first lines of scala the scala programming language. Running the application akka quickstart with scala. Windows 7 64bit jdk java scala distribution scala ideintegrated development environment intellij. Play is a web framework based on jvm languages including scala and java. Open intellij and lets build a simple sbt project without spark to testify your installation is correct. So i finally made the decision on trying to learn scala. Scala hello world program using intellijidea youtube. The argument of the scala command has to be a toplevel object. In this tutorial, you will learn how to create, run, and package a simple java application that prints hello, world. Were creating a simple java project, so we dont need any addons or extras to this project use the next screen to create the java hello world template project. I decided to use intellij idea community edition and i am going to show how to run apache spark programs written in scala using this ide.

Tool setup intellij use worksheet as a better repl sbt navigate to the directory of the assignment you. You can run the hello world application from the command line or an ide. Using sbt to build a scala project in intellij idea phvntom. Its time to create your first scala project using intellij and sbt. App, then all statements contained in that object will be executed. An object is similar to a class, but you specifically use it when you want a single instance of that class.

In this section, we will show how to setup our development environment for writing scala code. Intellij creates a scaffold as per template for scala object. Hot network questions can an eu country close its border rather than introduce temporary border control. We wont need a code editor till were a few lessons in, but if you also want to make sure scala works properly in. Getting started with scala and sbt on the command line. This will take some time to download and afterwards you can use this. Since the release of c programming language, most programming books have begun with a simple hello, world example, and in keeping with tradition, heres the source code for a scala hello, world. If youre coming to scala from java, this means that main is just like a static method we write more on this later. The two main ides integrated development environments for scala are. Lets discuss the steps to execute a simple hello, world program using intellij idea. You have successfully setup the scala development environment on intellij idea. After you installed the intellij, when you first opening it. Create your first java application help intellij idea. Complete an example assignment to familiarize yourself with our unique way of submitting assignments.

In this tutorial, well see how to build a minimal scala project using intellij ide. Run javac version on the command line and make sure you see javac 1. To prevent sbt from running on jdk, install jenv or switch to using sdkman. To start working with scala in intellij idea you need to download and enable the scala plugin. In this section, we will write our first java program and execute it to print hello java on the console. This will also verify the install completed succesfully in the previous steps.

Akka is a popular actorbased toolkit for building concurrent and distributed applications in the jvm. This will teach you how to make your first project using idea. Run, debug and test scala help intellij idea jetbrains. Intellij idea tutorial java development with intellij ide. Along the way, you will get familiar with intellij idea features for boosting your productivity as a. Quickstart guide simpler way to use javafx from scala.

For the impatient, heres how to get started using scalafx in your development. You should see hello world printed on the console add spark dependencies to the application as we are done with validating intellij, scala and sbt by developing and running the program, now we are ready to integrate spark and start developing scala based applications using spark apis. Scala tutorial your first scala hello world application. Follow these steps to download a project created from the template. Create a hello world maven scala project in intellij.

Discover intellij idea for scala help intellij idea jetbrains. Scala basics project setup create new idea scala project in intellij. If you run intellij idea for the first time, you can install the scala plugin when intellij idea suggests downloading featured plugins. On intellij running under mac os x, go to the intellij idea menu and choose preferences on intellij. But, before we run the application again, lets take a quick look at the build tool.

Your first scala hello world application scala tutorial. Posted on may 29, 2015 september 18, 2015 author nanxiao categories technology tags intellij, scala. Getting started with intellij, scala and apache spark. This video describes how to install intellij idea community edition, enable it to support scala language and writing our first hello world program hope it helps you in learning something new.

In general it would be useful to know which version of intellij, and which version of the scala plugin you are using. In this guide, intellij will download scala for you. How to integrate apache spark, intellij idea and scala. These same steps are applicable to other java applications as well. Scala tutorial 5 how to install scala ide windows 10. If you are reading this quickstart guide you probably already know how to use scala in your project and probably have your favorite ide or build setup to program in scala.

Once you visit the download link, youll find two versions of the intellij ide. If you have done previous programming in other languages, you will certainly have come across the infamous hello world program so, without wasting any time, lets get started with our hello world scala application. Setup spark development environment intellij and scala. Step by step of building scala sbt project on intellij.

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